Court Coronavirus Information

COVID-19 Emergency Orders 

The Supreme Court of Texas and Court of Criminal Appeals, working with the Office of Court Administration are committed to ensure that justice continues to be served to all Texans in the current pandemic situation.

Current Emergency Orders Issued

In response to COVID-19, the Supreme Court has issued the following Emergency Orders that are still in effect.

Fifty-Third Emergency Order (Effective Immediately; Expires 9/1/2022)

The Supreme Court issued the Fifty-Third Emergency Order extending the Court’s Fiftieth Emergency Order regarding the continuation of the Texas Eviction Diversion Program for those who have previously submitted applications to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Services. 

Fifty-Second Emergency Order  (Effective July 1, 2022; Expires 9/1/2022)
The Supreme Court has issued the Fifty-Second Emergency Order that will replace the Fifty-First Emergency Order on July 1, 2022.

The Fifty-Second Emergency Order expires on September 1, 2022, unless extended by the Chief Justice.